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Gutter Cleaning

Avoid Costly Roof Damage!

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Why do I need to have my gutters cleaned? It's cheaper than the repair work resulting from damage caused by clogged gutters and downspouts.
How often should my gutters be cleaned? At lease once a year before temperatures hit the freezing mark. Once ice forms, water can back up in three places: the gutters, along the roofline, and below the shingles.
Why should I hire someone to clean my gutters? First, it's really messy. Debris that accumulates and sits in the gutters for months really stinks. Second, it takes time to scoop out all of the debris and hose out the gutters. Third, working from ladders and roofs is dangerous. We are fully insured. We follow regulated safety standards. We use ladders with levelers, stabilizing arms, and stops.
What will we do? Simply, we will remove everything that has accumulated in your gutters. The gutters and downspouts will be hosed out to make sure they are flowing freely. While there are many fine products that can be attached to minimize the debris that gets in your gutters, having your gutters cleaned is still the most economical. Gutters with netting still need to be cleaned out every few years as shingle dust, dirt and seeds will accumulate and restrict water flow.
What do I need to do? Call Summit Window Cleaning. Time slots go fast. We do our best to coordinate a cleaning with your city's refuge pick-up schedule and leave the debris properly bagged at your curbside for pickup, placed in refuge containers, or, if necessary, we will haul it away.