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Window Cleaning

Why, What and When...

Why shouldn't I just clean my own windows? Newer homes with second and third story skylights, arch and elliptical windows can be difficult and dangerous for homeowners to clean. Serious accidents occur from falling off ladders and roofs. We follow the safety training procedures of the IWCA (International Window Cleaners Association) and the IWCCI (International Window Cleaning Certification Institute). We have the tools to get to your hard to reach windows easily and quickly. Spend your time doing what you like to do, and let us do what we like to do...clean windows.
Why should I use a professional window cleaner? Professional window cleaners use professional equipment specifically designed not only to clean, but also to protect your windows. By not using a professional, your windows can be etched or scratched by the cleaning solutions and the tools. We only use professional tools and environmentally safe chemicals and solutions.
What's wrong with just hiring anyone, or a kid in the neighborhood? Do you really want to let "anybody" in your home? We are a family based business. We have lived in the community for over 40 years. I do much of the work myself, or carefully screen and select employees, many of whom I know are actively involved in community programs and serving in a local church. We are committed to providing you with the best care and service in what we do.
What is a professional window cleaner? Professionals follow guidelines and standards for their industry. We are active members of the IWCA and the IWCCI and adhere to their policies and practices for professionalism, safety and training. We receive daily updates from fellow IWCA members, glass manufacturers, and cleaning associations; and then pass the benefit on to you in a practical way...improved quality and service.
Why should I clean my windows more than once a year? Monthly or quarterly window cleaning helps keep hard and mineral water spots from forming on the glass. These spots are created by underground sprinkler systems and acid rainfall. Once these spots adhere to your windows, they can only be removed with aggressive and expensive chemicals. Monthly or quarterly window cleaning prevents window damage.
What value do I really get from clean windows? Dirty windows can become a distraction and present a negative image. If you are selling your home, this distraction may lead a potential buyer to question the age and condition of your windows, generating a lower offer to you. If you are getting ready to sell your home or are having an open house, don't let dirty windows distract from the true value of your home.
What about the price? Somebody else said they could do it cheaper? Some of our competition will wash your windows; we clean them. We use double the strength cleaning solution, not just water. Each home is viewed as "fresh"; we replace, not re-use. This means you will benefit from fresh blades as well as clean towels and buffing cloths. The little details can make a big difference. We take the time necessary to do the job right. We don't rush. We treat your windows like our own. We stand behind our service and guarantee our work. You can always reach us, and we will promptly respond. That is our commitment.
When should I have my windows cleaned? Now. We can clean your windows in any season.  We change our formula to meet the changing conditions of the season.  It's never too hot or too cold to have sparkling clean windows.